Why worries come true:

Many people had experienced in their lives that whatever they were worried about, came true. Whatever they did not want to happen happened. Whatever situation they wanted to avoid, practically appeared before them. Are these experiences mere co-incidences or there is a scientific reason behind them?

Imagine each thought you think as a mental photograph.

When you worry or fear for something, it is first exposed to your brain as an image of an unfavorable situation. As you focus more and more on your worrying situation, the image in your brain begins to develop more clearly and gets fully exposed as a real happening situation.

The fact is that all thoughts have the power to convert themselves into images. These images then signal the subconscious mind as well as the cosmic forces to create a real-life situation as per the image (Cosmic forces understand the subconscious signal as our desire). Then cosmic forces influence other people and push you too to take all those actions that bring the image into reality. In this process cosmos also helps in creating coincidences and congenial atmosphere for the success of your sub-conscious mind’s efforts and this is how your worries finally come true.

Hence, you need to be careful in your thoughts, imagination, and feelings. They should not be negative and should not be allowed to focus on something which you DON’T want… otherwise, you actually strengthen the neural networks containing the image of that something which you don’t want and land up with it. Worry is actually, a very powerful form of negative goal setting.


(1) You must stop worrying and fearing for anything and instead, direct your mental focus on those things, situations, and circumstances which you want. �NEVER FOCUS ON ANYTHING WHICH YOU DON’T WANT’

(2) Whenever you cannot stop your worries then offer them at the feet of God and ask HIM to take care of it as you are incapable of handling your worries. Accept whatever you get a gift from God.

(3) Meditate regularly and control your mind.

-Guruji Sri. Sadguru Ramesh Ji

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