Death is the reality of life. But a peaceful death is only possible, when we are peaceful while being alive.

Once, a man in search of peace, went to a Swamiji. He wanted Swamiji to foretell his future. This Swamiji was a spiritual saint and not the usual horoscope reader. But anyway, to make him happy He told the man that, “You will die in seven days!”

Hearing this, the man was left in utter shock. He hurried back home and finished his incomplete business. He never mentioned about his death to anyone but started planning his days and wished to cherish every moment he had left. He started being polite to everyone around, he wouldn’t leave one opportunity to make anyone smile, he bought gifts for his family and friends to express his gratitude, he stopped causing frictions and felt the fullness of the happiness that existed in his life.

On the seventh day all prepared to die, he went to Swamiji to seek His final darshan. He said, “Swamiji, I have come to seek my final blessings from You, please grace me with your blessings.” Swamiji, didn’t realize what this man was talking about. He enquired, “What do you mean final blessings? Are you going somewhere?”

The man reminded Swamiji of the prediction that He had done. On hearing this, Swamiji started laughing loudly. This confused the man completely. He asked, “What happened Swamiji?”

Swamiji smiled and replied, “What I meant was, that you will die in one of the seven days in a week”, and continued to laugh.

Had the prediction not happened, the man would’ve never realized what was truly missing in his life. This one week that he thought he had done his best, by doing small gestures for others, made him and everyone around him truly happy and prepared him for death.

For spiritual seekers, death should merely be an event. But like we prepare for any other event, like marriage or baby shower or celebrating a festival, one should prepare for death. For a peaceful death, one should practice feeling that peace in everyday life by:

• starting the day with positive affirmations.

• feeling and expressing gratitude for everything in our lives.

• making sure one does not cause or involve in conflicting situations.

• becoming a source for people’s comfort and joy, becoming a giver.

• Feeling and understanding the other person’s perspective.

• practice kshama yaachna (asking for forgiveness) internally from everyone we had ever met.

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