A seeker working towards spiritual evolution under a Guru can never really measure his actual speed at which the Guru takes him towards his goal of enlightenment. It’s like being inside an aero plane. While the aero plane is moving at a jet speed, yet the passenger sitting inside the plane will fail to feel even 1/100th of its how-about. For the passenger it’s almost like sitting at home.Until he doesn’t see outside the window, which proves how far he has come, it is almost impossible for him to know the heights at which he is travelling. The same goes for a shishya. The Guru takes the disciple at a jet speed without the knowledge of the disciple himself.

Twochanges in the vyavharaof the shishyathough can be used as indicatorsfor him to know that he is growing spiritually:

1.Decrease in levels of fear, stress, doubt, anxiety, depression, disappointments and all other negative emotions.
It is believed that one is deeply influenced by the company he keeps, going to a Guru one gets to be influenced by satsang, meaning he gets to be “in the company of the truth”. Being in this company results in a state of mind where we start perceiving things so positively that the frequency of switching to negativity particularly reduces in comparison to before coming to the Guru. If one used to get irritated ten times in a day, it could’ve reduced to thrice or five times. This indicates that we are enjoying flying in the higher plane of Guru.

2.Decrease in the span of time the anger or irritation is sustained.
Usually, we let five minutes of anger ruin the entire day and sometime it takes days and used as a reference even years later. We put every little action under the microscope and exaggerate it to make our own lives hell. Being under the congruence of a Guru, his gyana does not let the anger or irritation sustain for more than five minutes and its memory eventually fades. This proves that we are moving in the right direction.

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