The first step towards spirituality is making amendments in our vyavhara(behavior). The way we deal withpeople around us forms our future situations in life. Our thoughts form actions, our actions cause our future circumstances and they in turn form our newer thoughts. Good vyavhara, will keep us happy, bring happy thoughts, causing positive actions and in turn will invite favourable circumstances for a congenial life.If our vyavhara is good towards people, then we can expect a comfortable life. Incase we are indifferent towards people’s needs, we are bound to live in situations unfavorable to us.

Being spiritual has everything to do with how we feel within, irrespective of what happens in our life. But a life where we enjoy spirituality and everyone around us is happy is the best possibility, which is achievable just by adapting good vyavhara. Moreover, a spiritual person’s compassion is what stands him apart from everyone else.

When we walk on the path of spirituality, we become like a fully charged magnet. Then positivity or negativity are like tiny iron pieces thrown towards us. We attract them both with super-duper speed and multifold the power. So when people are negative towards us, we attract negativity with great speed and force.

When in this scenario, we are good to everyone and make everyone happy. We are eventually bound to become good and remain happy.As even then, we would attract positivity towards us with great speed and force. Which is why amendments in vyavhara is the basic need to become spiritual.

Sustaining gyana is easy, but sustaining the best in vyavhara is difficult. Yet achievable. We are all social animals and are bound to live a social life. Hence vyavhara is of utmost importance.

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