Once there was a Guru and a disciple. Guru always told the disciple that, “Your mind becomes negative very easily. You should try and keep it positive or else it will get deep rooted in negativity and that would make it difficult for you to grasp the gyana I am imparting.” The disciple heard it but never really understood it.

One day Guru asked his disciple to pluck a newly sprouted plant from the garden of the ashram. The disciple did as he was asked to. Guru then asked him, “How much effort did you have to put in to actually pull that plant out?”. The disciple responded saying, “It was as good as effortless.”

The very next day Guru asked the disciple to pluck a small plant that had leaves and flowers in it already. The disciple did as he was asked to and Guru asked him the same question. The disciple replied, “This time I had to put in some effort to pull it compared to yesterday, but the job is done.”

The day after that Guruji asked the disciple to uproot a well grown plant which had a strong stem and many leaves and flowers. On being asked the amount of effort he had to put in this time he answered saying, “Guruji, I had to put in a lot of effort in pulling this one out. It took a long time. I am sweating all over and I feel very tired!”

Then next day Guruji asked the disciple to dislodge a fully-grown tree. The disciple tried his best but could not. Guruji explained this as, “If you allow negativity inside you to stay, it will eventually grow into a tree. If you pluck it while you can, then you will not have to put in a lot of effort in uprooting it later.”

Negativity is a habit. The moment we get a negative thought we should immediately look for a positive perspective in the same scenario and ingrain the positive impression before negativity grows its roots in us. Slowly mind will get habituated to this positivity and rule out any negativity from entering it.

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