Wisdom Tetter

We all like to check out new restaurants in town, watch new movies, dance on the new trending songs, taste new dishes, acquire new information, travel to new locations, wear new clothes, adopt new technology, buy new gadgets and so on. Newness is such an integral part of our life that even our physical body embraces newness every moment, by producing new cells every minute and replacing the old with the new.

Despite the fact that we enjoy newness and experience it benefitting our lives, yet when it comes to our perception, attitude, actions and reactions, we prefer being stale, are resistant to change and choose to stick to our set patterns and age-old habits, thought patterns, behaviour and conditions. Each day, each situation, each person and each moment demands newness from us but knowingly or unknowingly, we keep repeating our old habits, actions and patterns and attract similar kinds of circumstances and events in our lives.

In order to de-condition ourselves and to break free from the loop of self-created patterns and situations, we should strive to adopt the approach of newness not just externally, but internally too. Every time we encounter a dilemma, person or circumstance requiring an action or reaction from us; Wait. Pause. Ask yourself – Am I repeating an old reaction or is my approach new? Am I following an old set of thought pattern or are my thoughts new? Is my perception influenced by my pre-conceived notions or is my perception new? Am I reacting like I always do or is my reaction going to be something different and new?

When you begin to think new, act new, react new, perceive new and embrace the new; you will be able to enjoy the newness not just around you, but within you too and before you know it you soon will turn into a new you. So let us celebrate this Yugadi i.e., the start of a new Yug with a start of a New You!

Sadguru Rameshji
House of Enlightenment
Poorna Ananda

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