Have you ever seen a flower? It is conscious of the nutrients, water, supportand nurturing it gets from the soil, the air from atmosphere and heat from the sun. It values every inch of what it takes from nature and tries to give something more in return as a token of gratitude. It uses all of it and becomes a source of happiness, beauty and fragrance in return. The way a flower attracts everyone around to touch, feel it and enjoy it, is truly amazing! Even after it is mashed in hands or trampled under feet, it leaves it’sscent on the surface that tramples it.

Every speck of nature is designed to give in return much more than what it merely gets. Like a mountain is just a solid mass of land that occupies space. In return it keeps minerals and nutrients secured in itself and stands as a barrier to heavy storms and unfavorable disasters. It lets snow settle on it, so that when needed the snow can melt as a river and nourish the environment around. Weas humans are also part of this beautiful nature and are equally designed to give more than what we get, to feel content.

Coming to think of it, we get so much from the time we are born to the date when we are in a state to realize what we have got. Umpteen amount of love, attention, food, knowledge, peace, comfort, values, acceptance, respect, a sense of security and independence and so much more that makes us what we are.

To feel complete, learn to give that extra love to your loved ones by doing what they like. Give your colleagues a little more respect, your employees a little more freedom, your children a little extra pampering, your spouse some more of your attention, your parents some more of your patience, your friends some more of your time. And every time walk that extra mile towards them. All these small bits will contribute largely in making you feel complete.

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