Wisdom Tetter

It is seen that some of the biggest fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pumpkin, bottle gourd, ash gourd (petha) etc. are grown on creepers whereas the smaller ones like mulberry, dates, tamarind, neem fruit, black plum (jamun), drumsticks etc. come from huge trees. Despite having weak stems which can neither stand erect or support their own weight, the creepers bear the biggest and most nutritious produce because they channelise their potential in making their fruits big and nutritious by taking the support of their surroundings – growing along the ground, around another plant or up a wall. Creepers do not waste their lifespan or energy in putting up a great external show and becoming huge trees but instead use the potential of the existing stronger entities surrounding them, and then give their best possible output.

Like the creepers, we may be bound by the limitation of time, energy or resources but if we choose to rely upon and surrender to a higher entity like God, Guru or an Enlightened Saint they enable us to tap on their unlimited potential, energy and resources and help us to give our best outcome. Surrendering to a higher entity transfers all their infinite powers and potentials to us, empowers us immensely, makes us fearless and most importantly – it frees us from the illusion of doer-ship and the weight of ego which we ignorantly keep carrying around with us.

So, we can either channelise our limited potential and resources to become a big tree and grow externally and egoistically; or we can align with the Higher Entity by surrendering before it and use its unlimited energy to grow internally and evolve spiritually. And just like the dependency of creepers enables them to bear the biggest and most nutritious vegetables and fruits, our surrenderness and dependency will bestow us with the best and sweetest fruits of enlightenment, unconditional love, gyana, family harmony, peace and bliss.

Sadguru Rameshji
House of Enlightenment
Poorna Ananda

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