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One of the lesser-known scientific fact about colours is that all the colours which our eyes perceive – such as red, green, yellow, blue, black and orange have emanated out of a single source i.e., the colour white. The colour white can also be termed as the supreme colour or the colour of all colours as it remains colourless itself while giving an identity and existence to all the colours emanating from it. The colours which we see appear as different colours only due to the many wavelengths and frequencies they exist in, however their source is always one and the same.

Like all the various colours, we too have emanated out of a single source of light or energy i.e., the Omnipresent Consciousness, God or Brahman and though we appear different externally (due to the different wavelengths and frequencies), our base is the same. Just like the colour white projects itself in all colours and remains hidden behind them, Consciousness too projects itself in different forms, shapes and beings and remains hidden and unseen behind its creation. Without the colour white, no other colour would exist and likewise without the Consciousness none of us would exist too.

Let us perceive Consciousness as the colour of all colours and enjoy the varied, beautiful and vibrant colours projected by it in the creation, which appear to our eyes as the gross forms.

Sadguru Rameshji
House of Enlightenment
Poorna Ananda

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