Christmas is celebrated every year to mark the birth of Lord Jesus Christ who was a prophet or Messenger of God. From the moment He was born till the time He left his physical body, Jesus faced innumerable adversities and his life was filled with turmoil and pain. Despite all the difficulties, Jesus adopted and practiced certain virtues which made Him the perfect Messiah of Enlightenment and helped Him become One with God. By absorbing the essence of His teachings and applying them in the best possible manner we too can lead a more meaningful, spiritual and enlightened life.    

  1. Love God: Jesus said that one must love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and this can be done by following the word of the God, implementing His teachings and loving the creation of God as God Himself. Since God resides in His creation, the best way to love God is by being loving, kind, patient, helpful, compassionate, supportive, grateful and appreciative of His creation.
  2. Love Your Neighbors as Yourself: Loving our neighbors as ourselves implies that we must be as patient, as forgiving, as loving and as understanding with others as we are with ourselves. While it is said that one must treat others the way they expect to be treated, we can take this a step ahead by treating others the way they wish to be treated while not expecting any kind of special treatment from them. Through His life Jesus Christ exemplified that how we treat others should be independent of how they treat us. Only when we are able to do this will we be able to love everyone unconditionally.
  3. Have Unwavering Faith: The disciples of Jesus were once crossing the sea on a ship when they were caught in a terrible storm. To their surprise, they saw someone approaching their ship while walking on water. When Jesus identified himself and asked them not to be afraid, Peter (one of the disciples) requested Jesus to allow him to walk on water and come up to Jesus. And when Jesus said to Peter, “Come”, Peter started walking towards Him on water.
    At first there was no hesitation, but as soon as Peter heard the thundering in the sky and felt a strong gush of wind against his face, his faith dwindled and He started sinking. He cried out loud saying “Lord, save me!” and Jesus immediately caught him. “Why did you doubt?” said Jesus to Peter and to all of us and taught us this important lesson that even in times of fear, our focus should only be on faith. It is easy to remain faithful when everything seems to be going our way but the true test of faith lies in having faith and keeping our faith alive despite all the doubts, fears, adversities and insecurities.  
  4. Forgive, Forgive, Forgive: Seeking forgiveness and being forgiving were two of the most practiced and preached principles by Jesus and even when He was being crucified, He said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”  Such a statement from Jesus at a time when He was undergoing unimaginable pain and injustice is a reflection of His most compassionate, most merciful nature which He wanted all his fellow beings to adopt. By seeking forgiveness from others and regularly forgiving them for their intentional or unintentional mistakes we invite peace into our lives, get protected from all kind of negativity and also accelerate our spiritual evolution.
    Sadguru Rameshji
    House of Enlightenment
    Poorna Ananda
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