Guruji’s Wisdom Letter


The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated every year to offer gratitude to the Sun which is both the life source and life force as our lives would not be possible on Earth without the existence of the Sun. The Sun gives us light, heat, warms the seas, regulates the atmosphere, helps in evaporation of water and energizes the green plants and trees to provide us with oxygen and food. Therefore, Sun is the source of Prana Shakti or the life force which keeps us all alive and running.

If we look closely into our lives, we will realize that we are surrounded by innumerable people, things and amenities which like the Sun, nourish us, protect us, sustain us as well as help us grow. Our parents, siblings, spouse, children, colleagues, mentors, cooks, house helps, farmers, animals, our homes, vehicles, gadgets, electronics, furniture, crockery – every single person, thing or object around us is providing comfort and passing on the Prana shakti, the light, the energy and the protection of the Sun to us in some way or the other and without whose existence, our existence too would not possible.

So Sankranti is the perfect occasion for us to not only offer gratitude to the source – the Sun, but to recognize the efforts and appreciate the contributions of all its chosen mediums in our life too. Acknowledging and expressing gratitude to all the mediums makes us more loving, helps us identify and connect to the source hidden behind them and also opens our eyes to the beautiful realization that our life comprises of not just one, but a thousand illuminating suns.

Sadguru Rameshji
House of Enlightenment
Poorna Ananda

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