Wisdom Tetter

Photo albums contain collection of our most cherishable memories right from birth, days of childhood, birthday celebrations, festivals, important events, family vacations, our major accomplishments, weddings, anniversaries, pictures of children, grandchildren and so on. While the photo albums we choose to save our memories in, may be of different types i.e., digital or physical hardbound albums but one common factor in all of them is that our albums portray only the happiest and best moments of life.

When we rarely come across an album which has sad memories, unhappy faces or negative emotions saved in it, then why should we save negative impressions in our mind’s album? We have a tendency to store and save impressions of hatred, enmity and grudges in the album of our mind instead of storing impressions of happiness, peace, harmony and forgiveness. The kind of impressions we keep strengthening and saving in our minds not only influences our present birth but has an important bearing on our next birth too as it is our impressions which are born again and again till they are completely exhausted.

Therefore, by accumulating negative impressions we sow the seeds for a negative future life while positive impressions ensure a positive, joyous next life. And having no impressions means having no next life.

Sadguru Ramesh ji
House of Enlightenment

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