Wisdom Tetter

Excerpt from the Book – The Divine Life by Swami Ramdas

The aim of a saints life is to spend all His energies – physical, mental and spiritual – for the welfare of humanity. The struggling and depressed souls call for his sympathy, goodwill and help. He is, by nature, all kindness, mercy and love. So, at every step, His life is poured out as a selfless dedication for the removal of pain and misery in the world, in whatsoever form they exist.

Blessed are they who share with the Saint in their acts of service! The world misunderstands a Saint. Some expect Him to live and act according to a standard which they have set up. They criticise, dictate and find faults with Him because He does not fit into a mould prepared by them.

Sadguru Rameshji
House of Enlightenment

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