Swamiji (as he was fondly called) once jocularly said, “To bless you with happy and prosperous lives, to bless you with marital felicity and many children and grandchildren, to bless you with great wealth, fame and name, or bless you with longevity and worldly success -for such things I did not come.” He meant to clarify that, a Guru does take care of temporal needs of his devotees to the extent that is required to elevate their soul into a higher spiritual realm yet a Guru’sonly aim is to spiritually evolve his disciples to his level. Hence, given the opportunity one should not ask a Guru for such trivial things but acknowledge the Guru’s grace and ask to be blessed with the best in spirituality.

When a devotee queried if there is a possibility of drifting away from Guru and getting lost in samsara again, Swamiji replied, “If you try to stray away, I shall pull you back by clutching at your hair. There is no chance for a devotee to stray away once he comes into the fold of a Sadguru.” He closed his fist and showing it to the devotee he said, “See? I am holding you all in my grip like this. Have you ever seen a coconut tree in a wild storm? It may sway, swing and bend to a side. But it still remains rooted to the ground. You are also like that. In your lives, you can sway only as much as I allow you to.”

Swamiji here very clearly elucidated that whether the disciple knows it or not, the Guru always takes care of his disciple. He is always under the guardianship of the Sadguru. Such is the grace of the Guru!! A Guru is all possible blessings in one form and experiencing him is the best possible experience human birth can provide. So,surrender at the feet of a Sadguru to live a life of fulfillment and to evolve spiritually.

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