Meditation is strongly recommended to feel the highest state of peace, positivity and inner joy. But the sustenance of this meditative state depends on the behavior we practice in those hours of the day when we do not meditate. During meditation, we expand the frequency of our consciousness level to the highest possible frequency. In the other hours if we are not careful in our behavior and get irritated, frustrated, and angry then the frequency of our consciousness level falls down to its lowest and we do not feel the same bliss in those hours.

Each minute in meditation is like climbing each stair closer to that highest frequency of consciousness. We put in so much effort to meditate and feel the bliss which is almost equal to the effort required to walk from the ground floor to reach the hundredth floor, climbing each step at a time. But when, we are not conscious of our social behavior, we are slammed back not just on the ground floor but the basement frequency of consciousness, attracting even more negatives. This ascending and descending causes mental exertion, whereas sustaining it will not only be blissful but energetic and positive too.

With perfection in behavior, which comes with complete Acceptance and Zero Expectations, one can sustain the highest frequency of consciousness. Behavior is the most important factor of life. We should practice softness in tone and mindfully choose the right words, so as to not hurt anyone. When we hurt others, we are hurting our own meditative state. The reaction of the people around us is the parameter to understand where we have reached in achieving this goal. When our family, friends and colleagues are happy with us and attracted towards us that is evident enough to know that we are moving in the right direction.

Only a contracted consciousness gets irritated, frustrated and irritates others, whereas for an expanded consciousness everything is just natural, acceptable and blissful.

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