We all know how cars work. Imaginea car without brakes! Inspite of all the added features no one would want to buy a car of this sort. The actual fun in driving the car is when we can accelerate it as we like and stop the vehicle as per our convenience.

Consonantly, we drive a lot of thoughts and habits without knowing where to stop them. Nobody should have a mind that provides all the intelligence but cannot stop a disturbing thought. A mind in proper working condition will be able to end a sequence of thoughts that take away our happiness. We mostly are disturbed or come across as disturbing because we are not able to stop the chain of our negative thoughts or stop practicing our unwelcomed habits.

We should know when to stop–arguing, fussing about things, getting angry, letting others’ mood affect us, meddling with others’ life, letting our peace get disturbed by others, expecting from others, repeating our mistakes, harping on the past, nagging people orself-assuming that we know better. The real fun is in stopping. Stop! As it isn’t making you or anyone happy.

When we stop practicing something old we make space for practicing something new. Then we start enjoying by – agreeing, accepting, embracing, seeing others’ point of view, appreciating, loving, valuing, cherishing, caring, keeping our peace intact and widening our horizon to broader perspectives.This will make us happier.

Just like we have accelerated these thoughts and made it a habit, we can make another habit of applying brakes to them if they unnecessarily drift us away from being happy. Being happy and keeping everyone happy should be our only yardstick to stop. When we train our mind to stop whenever it goes out of bounds, it will remain in the boundary of happiness.

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