Once there a was a king who was regularly visited by a pundit. This pundit was well versed withVedas and Shastras and was expected to elucidate on the same. This went on for almost twenty years. One daythe king thought that,“This pundit has been coming and educating me for so long about shastras and their teachings, but neither did I have any experience nor did it seem like it has made any difference in my life.” He then called the pundit and asked him, “I have loaded you with respect and materialistic satisfaction all these years, yet I seem to be deeply disappointed! It hasn’t brought any change in me and I seem to be far from experiencing liberation.” This alarmed the pundit. The king then threatened him saying, “Either you bring me an answer to why did this happen in three days or I will have you beheaded!”

While returning home the pundit did realize that the king was perfectly right. But he didn’t have an answer to the king’s query and that made him really anxious. While he seemed all confused a saint saw him and asked him about his strain. The pundit told the saint his side of the story. Upon hearing it the saint smiled and said, “The answer to this question is very simple. I’ll come tomorrow to the king along with you as your disciple and explain it all.”The pundit having no other option agreed to it all.

The next day the pundit went to the palace with the saint and declared that his disciple will answer the king’s query. The king crosschecked with the saint, “Do you have the answer to my question?The saint replied saying, “Oh yes! It is truly simple!”

The King then ordered him, “So go on and answer my question!” The saint asked the king, “You first need to answer my question. You expect to get the answer of the question from me as a Guru or as a disciple?” The King was a learned man. He was aware of the fact that if one wanted an answer then he has to ask from the other person considering him as a Guru. And he said, “Definitely as a Guru.”

The saint then claimed, “If that is so, then I should be sitting higher on the throne and you should be standing in front of me as a disciple. And as your Guru I command that I should be the king for as long as I do not answer your question.” The king desperately wanting to know the answer agreed to the saint. The moment the saint sat on the throne, he asked the soldiers to tie both the pundit and the king in ropes independently and then asked each of them to untie the other. Both of them had the same answer that it was impossible for them to untie the other as their hands were tied.

If we want everyone to enjoy, while flying a kite, one should be vigilant that it does not entangle with others’ or cut anyone’s, so that even they enjoy the feel of flying their kite high in the sky. As we don’t just let the kites entangle, but we start judging – win or loss – and miss all the fun.One should go to the extent of letting his kite go, if the need arises, but not cut anyone else’s.Same way, while living our lives, we should be very careful that, we do not cause any commotion in others’ life, so that there remains harmony in our relationships. One should go to every extent of letting go to keep others happy.

The saint smiled and said, “Oh king, this is the answer to your question. Exactly how only the one who is free can untie the tied person, the very same way only a liberated one can liberate the other!Hence, we should go to a Guru who is liberated himself, as only a liberated Guru can liberate a disciple.” A liberated Guru is the one who can put the most difficult gyana in the simplest of words and cangive the ultimate state at once!

Another gyana from this story is that, to get the real answer the king gave up the throne and accepted the saint as his Guru. Similarly, if we want to reach the state of salvation then we will have to surrender everything we think we possess to a Guru and take his words for the ultimate!

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