Once when Swamy Poornanananda (Swamiji) of Srisailamwas giving darsan, a new visitor wanted to know something on spiritual subject. Swamiji patiently replied to the visitor’s query. After hearing everything, the new visitor remarked that he could not understand anything of what was said by Swamiji. Swamiji then smiled and said that he would explain the whole thing again, at some other appropriate time. The satisfied visitor left. However, a close devotee who watched all this, asked out of curiosity, “Swamiji, this man appears to be a new visitor. It appears like he may not even come back to the ashram after this. When will you have a chance to explain the subject to him again?”

Swamiji promptly replied, “You might have noticed in a shop which sells firewood, there the logs are piled on one another to form a big heap. If you drop a coin in the pile you cannot easily find it again. However if the lumber is cleared, the coin will appear itself. Similarly, this man’s mind is full of thoughts. Like logs of wood, thoughts are piled on one another. However I have dropped the coin of my message. A time will come when all his thoughts will clear away. Then the meaning of my words will be automatically revealed.”

Every word which is uttered by a Guru seeps it into our mind beds and their true meaning would get revealed at an appropriate time irrespective of whether we understood it or not at that point of time when it was uttered.

Swamiji once said, “Guru is like the expansive ocean. One can drawthe water from the ocean depending on the size of the container one carries.”

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