Sankranti marks the celebration a farmer feels after reaping his winter harvest.It also symbolises the end of the winter solace which makes the day last longer than night. The festival spirit is showcased by flying the kites as high as possible, during that long day.

Kite is taken as a symbol of having an elevated vision and carefree attitude. The only way for our spirits to always fly and remain carefree is by letting ourselves be heldbygyana. If gyana is let to navigate our life, we can never go wrong and will always remain happy and stress-free.

Exactly how the kite is made light, flexible and weightless to enjoy the flying, one will have to be egoless to fly high. The best way is to let someone else, a Guru, hold the strings while you enjoy gliding in the life.

While flying kites, one notices that no matter how big or beautiful is the kite or how strong is the thread bound to it, one needs favourable winds to fly the kite. Similarly, regardless of how beautiful we think is our life, to enjoy a blissful state, the only thing needed is Guru’s grace.

Like this festival was meant to just fly kites and enjoy the feeling of warm sun in winter, but some people made a competition out of it, trying to cut others’ or showing off their kites. This life was given only to enjoy, we have ignorantly got ourselves caught into comparisons or belittling.

If we want everyone to enjoy, while flying a kite, one should be vigilant that it does not entangle with others’ or cut anyone’s, so that even they enjoy the feel of flying their kite high in the sky. As we don’t just let the kites entangle, but we start judging – win or loss – and miss all the fun.One should go to the extent of letting his kite go, if the need arises, but not cut anyone else’s.Same way, while living our lives, we should be very careful that, we do not cause any commotion in others’ life, so that there remains harmony in our relationships. One should go to every extent of letting go to keep others happy.

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