Sri Sadguru Ramesh ji is an Enlightened
Spiritual Master and a modern age Spiritual Guru.

After establishing himself as a successful industrialist, a rare transformation took place at a young age of 38 years where he lost all interest in commercial activities and plunged full time into Spiritual Sadhana. Initially, under the guidance of Shri Rajendra Brahmachari Ji, Guruji mastered the techniques of Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Kriya Yoga. Later on, with the blessings of Swamiji Shri Poornananda, Guruji and his wife Kusum (fondly called Guruma) attained Enlightenment on the same day i.e 8th December 1999.

Ever since then Guruji has devoted his life to help people live joyfully and evolve Spiritually which is also the motto of the Poorna Ananda Organisation. Guruji believes that spirituality is all-inclusive wherein one can enjoy the world as well as remain spiritually enlightened. To become spiritual, we do not have to discard our worldly duties and worldly aspirations.

Guruji believes that one who is spiritually enlightened enjoys the world much more than an ordinary worldly person. Under his guidance, many people are spiritually enlightened, are experiencing growth in their businesses and profession and are leading a happy family life with complete harmony. He has successfully broken the myth that spirituality is only for old aged and retired people who have nothing else to do. A large number of young followers feel fortunate to enjoy and experience the guidance and proximity of Guruji, who is taking them through a completely different life journey which is full of joy, harmony in relationships and success in all endeavours. Guruji strongly feels that human beings are bestowed with enormous potential powers within their inner self, but are not able to enjoy it since they keep seeking it outside under ignorance. Spirituality, he believes, is the key to that unexplored territory.


Sadguru Ramesh Ji has always been an ideal family man. He resides in Hyderabad with his parents, children, and grandchildren.

Foundation Information

Poorna Ananda is a non-profit, philanthropic and charitable organization based out of Hyderabad. The Ashram, founded by Sadguru Ramesh Ji in 2015, is spread over 5 acres of land in a serene atmosphere, behind Gandipet backwaters in Janwada village, Shankarpalli. All activities, programs, and events conducted in the Ashram are under the guidance of Sadguru Ramesh Ji whose life is dedicated to solely sharing the secrets of self-realization, enlightenment and promote joyful living amongst all.

As a Writer

A soul has infinite potential, equivalent to the powers of the cosmos and universal energies… But by virtue of identifying itself with a finite physical body its powers get restricted. Our physical existence is neither the start of our life’s journey nor its end. All our sorrows, fears, anxiety, and stress crop up only when we Associate ourselves with our physical body. But once we become aware of our existence as a soul, separate from the physical form, we start living a completely different life—full of energy, positivity, love, and joy. This book, soul selfie, reveals the secrets of living a soulful existence independent of the body by covering two aspects of a spiritual journey—one proves the independent existence of the soul and the second chronicles the personal journey of the author in his experimentation with the soul, including an out-of-body astral travel experience. Filled with easy-to-understand stories, anecdotes, personal experiences, and practical tips, soul selfie is a work of spiritual guidance that will help one transcend their physical existence and unleash their true potential by identifying themselves with their immortal soul. ‘Interesting perspective into spirituality. An easy read’ –Rajkumar Hirani, film director.

Soul Selfie


“From Sivasailam to Srisailam” – that is how Swami Poornananda once described his spiritual journey which started from the forests of the Podhigai Hills in Tamil Nadu and culminated in the verdant holy hills of Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh.

Born on 01st November 1939 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu; Sri Swami Poornananda was named Kameswaran by his parents, Sri Subrahmanya Shastri and Smt. Parvatavardhini. Even as a young boy, Swamiji exhibited extraordinary insight and intelligence much beyond his age. He showed deep devotion and yearning for God and revered his father as a Guru. Sri Shastri, being a realized Gyani (Jnani) knew the great destiny that awaited his son and from an early age, under the tutelage of his father, Swamiji learnt esoteric techniques of meditation, yoga, pranayama and japa. 

Poorna Ananda Swamiji

At the age of 24 Swamiji renounced the world and became a wandering ascetic performing extreme austerities. It is in the holy environs of the Podhigai hills and the serene Banatheertham that happened the great meeting of the master and disciple. Here, Swamiji met with his Guru Sri Omkarananda (also known as Rakhadi Baba) who initiated him into sanyas and gave him the deeksha namam of Poornananda. Rakhadi Baba had received his deeksha from Sri Nityananda Bhagwan (Ganeshpuri). Thus, was born the great guru parampara of the Parameshti Guru Sri Nityananda Bhagwan, Paramguru Sri Omkarananda and Guru Sri Swami Poornananda.


After travelling to many holy places and temples, continuing his spiritual journey through India, Swamiji reached the revered holy temple town of Srisailam in the year 1969. Swamiji’s resplendent form and the surrounding aura of spirituality attracted scores of devotees to his presence. He abundantly showered his blessings on all those who came seeking him and guided them onto a path of spirituality.


It was in 1977 that Swamiji moved permanently to his Ashram in Sundipenta along with his disciples. Since then the ashram gradually grew into a great center for spiritual sadhana and attracted seekers from far and wide. (Sri Sri Sri Swami Poornanadaji Ashram, Sundipenta). True to his words his spiritual journey did end in Srisailam where he attained mahasamadhi on April 6, 2000 at the age of 61.


“Objective of human life is to become One with Divine”


Sadguru Ramesh Ji has established Poorna Ananda Ashram (Hyderabad) in lieu of taking his Guru, Swami Poornananda’s teachings to the seekers of the absolute truth in the most profound yet simple way.