A quote from the book disillusions by SadguruRameshji:

Renounced house, family and clothes
Possessed ashram, devotees and cell phones


Some people under the pretext of renouncing the world and worldly desires for spirituality, leave their houses, family and sometimes even clothes (remain naked), but they create a large family of devotees, luxurious ashrams (hermitage), accumulate wealth and possess cell phones, along with other latest gadgets. They keep advocating renunciation theory to others. There is nothing wrong in possessing these things, but what is wrong is spreading ignorance and advocating something which they themselves do not practice.

Moreover, renunciation is a completely misunderstood and misinterpreted theory by most people walking on the path of spirituality. Renunciation has nothing to do with giving up worldly things or family or outings or partying or marrying. Renunciation is all about renouncing excessive attachments to things, thoughts, perceptions and mental conditions that takes away our peace.

We need notrenounce materialistic things but don’t let their existence or non-existence take away our peace of mind. There is no need to renounce family, tasty food, fashionable clothes, but renounce the idea of a life revolving around them. Renounce the slave of attachment within you.

We are born to enjoy this creation, not renounce it. Once we change our narrowed thinking, attachments and mental conditions then nothing needs to be renounced.

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