Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates relationships. It literally means “the bond of protection”. Ritually it is celebrated to glorify the brother and sister relationship, which helps in inculcating a feeling of being each other’s protectors for life in them. In spirituality, Guru is the guardian angel of his disciples. He protects his disciple from every possible hinderance in his spiritual evolution. So we can say that disciple binds the Guru to protect him by surrendering at his feet and forms a bond of protection.

The ritual of Raksha Bandhan includes the sister tying a Rakhi(colourful twine) on her brother’s wrist. She ties this twine to display her belief in him to protect her. Normal human tendency is to tie their belief in a certain set of thoughts which control their existence. But when one turns spiritual, one should consciously practice in tying their belief only in thoughts that will keep them positive.

Shield of positivity protects one by helping him remain stable even in the most negative situations.This relationship in spirituality with positivity should be so strong that negativity becomes insignificant.

In this festival, the sister first offers protection to her brother by means of prayers or blessings and then receives physical protection or morale support in return. Same way as long as you nurture and protect the relationship with positivity in you, the positivity in you will protect you. It will be your bond of protection.

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