As we grew, we have attuned our mind to feel in certain way when we hear certain words. Positive affirmations are repetitive declaration of words associated with positivity which we resonate within ourselves to feel the positivity attached with them. They help us feel positively stronger in every situation in life. They are the easiest key to have a happy life and a healthy body.

Affirmations can be done anytime and anywhere. It is advocated to be done aloud when alone and repeated silently within when with people. The more frequently we do this in a day, the stronger the feelings get. Eventually the feeling will automatically become permanent and once it is permanently set in mind, then the strength of these positive feelings will guide our life through every situation.

Attaining peace, success and prosperity is possible through practicing positive affirmations. Even Lord Krishna has given this secret in Geeta, which says, that mind attracts the image we engrave in it. When we affirm, that “I AM HAPPY, I AM DIVINE, I AM HEALTHY, I AM PEACEFUL, I AM POORNA ANANDA”, we are engraving the images of happiness, good health, peace and divinity in our mind. This alone will lead us to become happy, peaceful and divine. It is guaranteed!

Positive affirmations create a positive mind. A positive mind attracts divinity and holds immense potential in evolving us spiritually. And turning spiritualis what eventually fulfills us. Hence positive affirmations are prescribed atleast six times a day for a desirably fulfilled life.

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