We classify our thoughts in two categories – Positive and Negative. We assume that the thoughts that satisfy our mental conditions are Positive and the ones that do not comply with us are Negative. But thoughts that seem positive to us could be negative for someone else. This proves that a thought is just a thought and based on our own mental conditions we either attract or repel it.

Every thought that crosses our mind is attracted by us. As human tendency we attract only that which satisfies us in anyway. The thoughts that we deem as negative are also attracted by us to speed up our evolution in an insignificant way. Hence even they are positive.

The same concept in Physics is explained with the idea of Heat and Cold. Cold is a subjective perception which can be explained as presence of very low level of Heat. Even Ice cubes have Heat as their molecules are always in motion which produce Heat. The very same way, a negative thought is also positive only less when compared to the perceived positive.

Another example to understand this is that of a Polar Bear.He could sweat even in the coldest regions of the planet. But the same amount of cold will be intolerable for a Camel.The reverse is also true, that the degree at which a Camel can survive can killPolar Bear. The temperatures suit one’s conditioning and does not suit the other. Thoughts like temperatures suit one’s mental conditioning and do not suit another.

Hence our conditioning of mind makes one thought seem positive and, in its comparison, another thought as negative whereas they are both just thoughts. Unlike body conditioning a mind’s conditions can be changed to make every thought sound positivewitha little change in perspective. Positive or negative, right or wrong, favorable or unfavorable, likable or dislikable are all perspectives which have nothing to do with a thought, person or situation. They become what we make out of them.

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