Planets are moving objects and transmit or reflect light; they hence emanate vibrations as well as some kind of rays which have influence on other objects, physical bodies and mind. Based on statistical study of these influences, astrological predictions have been devised (although prediction based on planetary positions is not allowed in the Vedas, the origin of astrology).

Planets do not emanate negative or positive vibrations or rays. They just emanate these vibrations by virtue of their movements and light reflections. As these vibrations may or may not be compatible with the vibrations of individual beings they are said to be negative or positive. Normal human beings (not evolved in higher consciousness) and those human beings who believe in planetary influence and astrological prediction are the ones who get affected the most by the vibrations of these planets. However, beings strong in their inner self and evolved in higher consciousness neutralize the effect of these vibrations.

It is something like this; During hot summer with temperature hovering around 45/50 Degree Celsius, those people walking in the streets would have high chance of having sun stroke. One can protect oneself from sun stroke by using an umbrella. One can also protect oneself by keeping an onion on the head or in the pocket as per the belief in India. Even though the sun is emanating the same intensity of light, heat and destructive rays one will still get protected. Another kind of protection is to travel in an A/c car. One would not only protect oneself from the harmful effects of hot sun but would also enjoy one?s journey even in adverse condition.

Hot Sun can be equated to the so called adverse planetary position of say, Shani (Saturn) or Rahu Ketu (shadow planets). They have their own vibratory influence, generally not so compatible to human beings when they are in a particular position. Their Vibrations could be neutralized by opposite vibrations or by vibratory protective shield. Prayers, Mantra chanting, Meditation, Unshakable faith in God, Complete surrender to Guru, Emanating Positive Vibrations from Inner Self? can help neutralize planetary vibrations and will have the power to protect one from their destructive effects. This acts as an umbrella, or an onion kept in the head and or traveling in an A/c car.

Planets are only objects and they do not have the power of consciousness but we, human beings, are subjects and have the power of consciousness within us. We have the power to emanate vibrations of the highest intensity. We however have to invoke our hidden potential by way of prayers, meditation, mantra chanting and by being positive.

Create a protective shield of vibratory aura all around you through the above means and live happily without worrying about planets taking control of your life. We have the power to rule over every aspect of creation, so create your own destiny without allowing the planets to rule over it.

– Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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