For a good chain smoker, first he invests all his time in indulging in smoking, developing a taste for it and practiced it regularly for it to be liked. A chain smoker,means he has developed so much weakness in smoking, that it has become a strong impression that does not leave the smoker now.

Even if the smoker plans to quit smoking, the impression made from the habit is so strong that the impression itself will keep reminding him of smoking again and again. So much so, that since he has smoked in almost every situation earlier, similar situation reminds him of smoking again. The habit itself cannot have any impact, unless the smoker wants it to. The smoker makes his weakness in smoking, his strong habit.

Similar pattern goes with our intellect practicing. The more we developed using our intellect, by rationalizing and weighing every situation as a habit, the more using the intellect becomes our weakness. And eventually, since we have done it all our lives, intellect seems justified in using it.

Now, intellect is not required to be used in every situation. Some situations and people are better dealt with when emotions take over. And for a fact, these are the times, which are enjoyed most by us. But like the chain- smoker, we have become chain-thinker. We overwork every situation by over analyzing it, from every possible angle, so much so, that in places where intellect is not needed, as a result of constant practice, it starts to take over.

For example, in a family, when everyone is together, most enjoyable moments are when everyone just flows with the flow of everyone around, trying to keep upthe pace of happiness, without thinking whether or not the person deserves happiness or not, or sitting and calculating all the past events that were disturbing. Here this intellect that reminds us of the past, will stop our flow of emotions and make us only more bitter. Basically, as an intellectual thinker, we have allowed our intellect to analyze even our quota of happiness, making our intellect our strength.

Same way, if we practice using our emotions more to deal with people, that will become our weakness, which will provide us with the strength of remaining happy always. We should practice connecting with everyone on an emotional level so much, that it makes our habit to be happy stronger and our intellect weak. In every situation when we will ask ourselves, “Do we want to happy or do we want to be right?”, we will always choose happy, which can happen only when we operate on emotions. In spite of being our weakness, it will only make us stronger.

Our weaknesses have power. In fact, our weaknesses are more powerful than what we think our strengths do, since they are practiced more frequently and they pull us towards them. They sort of, call out for us. If the same power of weakness, is shifted to a better thing, it can help us in getting rid of our negative points.

So, develop a weakness in being good to others, in respecting others, in being grateful to everyone and everything, in seeing positivity in every situation, in making sure that we do not hurt others,in accepting everyone as they are so much, that they become our weak points and we forget being negative. Just like the chain smoker, become a chain-lover, embracing everything God’s blessing us with acceptance being our biggest weakness.

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