A change in date or year in itself doesn’t mean anything unless it is used to bring about a change in behavior, attitude and perception. New year will bring happiness, prosperity and harmony in the family, provided we bring a new positive change in ourselves. For a new year, we will have to become new.

Once, a disciple went to his Guru and pleaded, “Guruji, I want to forget my past and feel the happiness in my life. But my old habits do not let me move on. Kindly guide me.”

The Guru smiles at the innocence of the disciple and guides him saying, “It is you who is clinging onto your old habits and past. Leave them and feel the constant happiness.” The disciple hears it but doesn’t seem convinced, yet he bows down at the Guru’s feet and departs.

A few days later, the disciple hears his Guru screaming loudly, “Help! Help! Help me!” He rushes towards the voice and findshis Guru holding a pillar tightly. The disciple worriedly enquires about it all. Guru replies saying, “Please help me get off this pillar! Please!”

This leaves the disciple baffled. He says, “Guruji, but You are the one holding onto the pillar! Please leave it!”

But the Guru remains persistent, “No, no, it’s the pillar which is holding me. You have to help me get off this pillar!”

The disciple repeats again, “Guruji, please let go of the pillar”, but this went on for a while.

Then Guru leaves the pillar, turns to his disciple and says, “This is exactly what I have been preaching! Leave your old you, your old habits. They’re not the ones holding onto you, they are gone, you are the one holding onto them and practicing them, remembering them, again ang again,exactly like I was holding the pillar and the pillar was not holding me. Just practice a new you and become that. And only you can do it.”

If you change, this new year will change. If you remain same, new year has no power to change on its own.

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