Our mind has the power to rule over matter but generally we allow things to happen the other way round, we allow matter to rule over our mind. We allow a good looking thing to make our mind happy and bad looking thing to make our mind feel bad. We make favorable situation to make our mind feel happy and unfavorable one to make mind feel sad.

Our mind is an independent entity and has its own emotions. Unconsciously it sets its own condition about happiness and sadness based on external factors. Even though it has the power to change external conditions and be happy all the time (even in adverse conditions) yet we allow it to feel happy or sad based on situations, circumstances, things, objects and comments.

When our mind is happy it sends waves of happiness all around the universe and creates a connection with happy people and attracts them towards us. Similarly when it is sad it emanates waves of sadness and attracts everything which increases our sadness, pains and sorrow. This is how our mind influences external situations and circumstances in our life.

Our mind has the power to influences our body too. When the mind is happy it sends waves of happiness to every part and every cell of the body. And when it is sad it sends waves of sadness across all body parts and to every cell in the body. When in happiness every cell of the body functions to its optimum level with energy and vigor whereas in sadness they become depressed and weak. Some of these cells who cannot bear the depression die down or they commit suicide. Others who are weak either go mad or malfunction.

Cells which malfunction or go mad and do something other than what they were supposed to do, are the ones which cause disease. Even cancer cells are medically said to be normal cells but functioning abnormally. And when cluster of these cells come together, it is called tumor.

We need to be very careful when emanating emotions as they would influence on our external and internal conditions. Let situations or circumstances or adverse comments not bother you and not allow the mind to emanate negative emotions. Take a decision and condition your sub- conscious mind that you will be happy in all the situations of life irrespective of them being favorable or unfavorable. Such conviction will ensure happiness all the time. Even God has no power to make a person unhappy if the person has decided to be happy. God may have the power to create an unfavorable situation but to suffer or not to suffer is our choice.

– Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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