We as humans were born with all the positivity needed to survive life. A new born baby always reminds us of it. Which is why we feel so much love and positivity, when we pick a new born baby. But when we choose to not use it, this positivity starts to stink and turns into negativity.All our love becomes hate and all our patience, becomes impatience.

Like when a baby is born, a mother is automatically blessed with milk to feed and nourish the baby. If the mother chooses not to feed the child, not only the child but the mother will also have to face the consequences of it. This one decision, leads to a malnourished baby and a mother who will have high chances of a cancerous end.

Same way, we are the creator(mother) of our creation(child),our own world or our life. And we are blessed with all the patience to see it grow and bloom, in its own time. When we do not use that provided patience, we get irritated. Every situation in which we become impatient weare creating an undernourished or deprived life to live.

The situation actually arises to remind us of our potential to be patient. Exactly, like the baby cries to tell the mother that she has the milk which the baby needs.And every time we will put it into practice, we will feel the happiness we’ve felt, when we see a baby smile.

It is more like, the baby asks for milk,so that the mother can have the satisfaction of feeding the baby and be able to yield more of the same. Every situation comes up in our life to consume the love and patience we have produced and take it, so that we keep yielding more and enjoy the process. This is what life was meant for.

So, impatience is nothing but stinking patience, while hatred is unused love. The more patience we use, the more we can yield and the more love we share, the more we will be blessed with.

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