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When we visit a beach or the ocean, the first thing we notice is the movement of water, the countless ripples and the waves dancing on the surface of the sea. Though waves form only one percent of the ocean or sea, our attention is caught and often stuck on the waves instead of the remaining ninety nine percent vast, tranquil and deep sea.

Similarly in life, consciously or unconsciously, it is our tendency to focus on disturbances, adversities, inconveniences or hurdles which form about one percent of our life. The remaining ninety nine percent of our life could be completely peaceful, smooth and satisfactory, but we ignore it because we notice things on a superficial level and limit our perception to what is visible to our eyes. Even though our eyes have certain sensory limitations and can only see and identify that which falls within their range of vision; but our power of perception is not bound by any limitations. Our vision may be limited, but our perception is limitless. Our vision may confine us, but our perception can liberate us. Our vision may disturb us, but our perception can always comfort us. Our vision may not always be in our control but our perception is always in our control. And when we can control what we perceive, then why not perceive that which gives us happiness, that which adds to our peace and that which evolves us further?!

Once we tap on the power of perception and start using it to its hilt, we will soon realise that not just life situations, but our physical bodies and all forms, objects etc which we see around us are like the waves of the sea; constituting just one percent of the actual source. The way an ocean contains infinite depth, we too are full of infinite depth of peace, stillness and power under the superficial, external dynamism. By knowing and fully believing the fact that we are not the waves but the sea, that we are not the surface but the source; we will be able to enjoy our true, vast, formless, endless, expansive existence and lead a liberated life forever.

Sadguru Rameshji
House of Enlightenment
Poorna Ananda

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