One day morning when I woke up and was just looking at various things in my room I felt as if everything there was talking to me and giving me some lessons for life. They were so motivating that I felt I should share them with others.

Fan said…… Spread happiness.

Air conditioner said… Even if you are hot inside yet give coolness to others.

Pillow said… Give comfort to everyone even if you are pressed hard.

Window said… Look outside yourself and do not confine yourself to the four walls of selfishness.

Door said… Keep the doors of your mind open for fresh opportunities to flow in.

Mirror said… Look at yourself before criticizing others.

T.V said… Your life is only one episode of a serial, whatever good or bad you do, it will reflect in future episodes.

Roof said… Always look up in life instead of focusing on the small dust particles of pains and turbulences below.

News paper said… We are worth only in the present, past has no value.

Clock said… Time is running away, realize your true Existence at the earliest and enjoy eternal peace.

Carpet said… Lean to tolerate. Be soft even to those who stamp on you.

Child said… Let the child in you remain alive till you die.

Wife said… Learn to sacrifice your life for others.

Guruji Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

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