Our life is like a flute. As flute has many holes, our life too has many holes (stress, failures, moods, imperfection, disappointment etc). Unless we know how to play the flute of life, it can be harsh on us.

Lord Krishna’s favorite musical instrument was a flute. His flute teaches us 3 important life lessons and whoever can incorporate these into their lives, can live happily and even progress easily towards salvation. These three life lessons are;

  1. Flute speaks only when we want it to speak.
  2. Whenever it speaks, it speaks  sweetly and
  3. It always remains empty inside.

If these three qualities of flute are incorporated and implemented in life, life can be a pleasant experience like the music of flute.  

  1. First life lesson from flute is to speak only when you are required to speak. Do not to speak when not required, not desired and when not necessary. Do not give advice when not asked for, never project your intelligence or boast about your success. You should speak based on what situation and circumstance demand. People, who speak unnecessarily, unrelated and not in harmony with the situation attract a lot of negativity. They spend their life fighting with these negativities and thus lead a miserable life.
  1. Second life lesson from the flute is whenever you speak, speak sweetly. Whenever we are required to speak we should speak only that which gives happiness to others, we should avoid speaking unpleasant words and in a harsh tone. Even if we are required to speak some truth, which could be unpleasant for the other person, then too it should be spoken carefully in such a manner that it is not offending and insulting.
  1. The third life lesson from the flute is to always remain empty inside. This means that we should not remember the painful past, not be anxious about the future, and not unnecessarily condition our mind with fixed ideas, perception, behavior and attitude. Mind filled with such garbage weakens our inner potential power and spoils the joy of our present.

Empty mind is peaceful. Peaceful mind is joyful and a joyful mind enjoys life itself as well as helps others enjoy it too.

Learn to live life like flute and learn to play pleasant  music out of it. Not only it will be soothing for you but it will soothe the whole environment too as the flute played by Lord Krishna used to soothe the whole universe.

– Sadguru Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

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