This beautiful life that we deem as real, is actually a dream of Consciousness and we are all just playing parts in the same. We are mere characters on the stage of this dream and just like the characters in our dreams have no choice but to play their part, so do we have no choice but to play our part as a character in our life and others’. Let’s compare the base for this life to be a dream:

Criteria for a dream:

1. It appears real

2. It vanishes in a second once it’s over

3. There is no continuation

4. The state of the dreamer is the same before and after a dream

5. We don’t own up to doer-ship, in an event in our dream, hence no impressions.

Similarly, for the Atma, this life is as good as a dream.

1. When it is in physical body it appears to be real

2. Once it leaves the body, the entire life/dream vanishes in a second

3. When it takes a rebirth, it enters a new place with new people around it so there is no continuity

4. Before and after the birth/ dream it is in the same state.

5. If daily deeds are deemed to have been performed in dream then we will not be bound by any karma. That would become path for liberation

In reality, we are just a reflection of the supreme pure consciousness, we as individual identities don’t exist. For a normal human being dream is nothing. It is temporary and insignificant event. It doesn’t hold any bearing on our actual life. Hence, after we wake up we brush them off and settle back in the life and forget the dream.

Similarly, when we die, this world, family, society, money; status, property, friends, this entire world disappears.This world in which we live for 60, 70, 80 or even 100 years vanishes like a dream instantly. Realizing and accepting this is Enlightenment.

For a normal human the dream is insignificant after waking up from sleep.Similarly, for a self-realized / enlightened being this world is insignificant and untrue after establishing in pure knowledge.

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