If you hate a person you will become a person who gets hated. If you hate an enemy you will attract in you, all those qualities which that enemy has. If you hate Pakistanis, you will in all probability, become a Pakistani in next birth. If you hate an ugly person you will become ugly in the next birth. If you hate filth or dirty places then you will in all likelihood, become a scavenger, a beggar or a poor person residing in slums in the next birth.You will attract all that which you hate. You will become what you hate, because when you hate somebody or something, a deep rooted impression gets formed over the sub-conscious mind. Your impressions become your desire for the sub-conscious mind. The powers of sub-conscious mind get invoked and the hated thing gets manifested in your life.

Because of this science alone, the world always has enemies in some or the other form, wars are fought between nations, poor and ugly people are born, in-laws become troublesome and diseases, violence and hatred is experienced in day to day life. Hatred gives birth to hatred, birth after birth.

We must break this chain of hatred by love and compassion. Start loving everybody and everything; emanate vibes of love even towards your enemies, ugly and poor people, unsocial elements, terrorists and towards all those whom you don’t like. Vibrations of love alone have the power to neutralize hatred. Let’s make this world free of hatred and create a world of love, compassion, equality and of complete harmony.

– Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

Technique to spread �vibes of peace� in the world

Everyday morning sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine the expansion of universe. In the universe see our world with different nations, people with different religions, looks and actions. Fill your heart with love for everybody in the world. Imagine your love vibes spreading in the entire universe. See the whole universe filled with the ocean of love. Imagine every creature in the world enjoying these vibes of love and feeling happy. Be with this feeling with as much intensity as possible for a minute and gradually open your eyes with continued feeling of love in your heart.[This technique has the power to completely cleanse hatred from the world and spread the feeling of love. The more number of people practice this technique; more would be its effect. I would suggest everybody to practice this technique everyday and to take this technique to as many forums and groups as possible so as to quickly reap its benefits. Let’s make a small beginning today and I will assure to revolutionize the world. A line of confirmation, action and any plan to take it forward would be welcome. ]


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