“Krishnashthmi” is celebrated to rejoice the birth of the most loving and loved avatar of Lord Krishna. It is also known as“Janamashthmi”, which literally means “Birth of the Eight Avatar” as LordKrishna is considered to be Vishnu’s eight avatar. This avatar of Vishnu touched various aspects of living life. Through Krishna alone we can understand spirituality, unconditional love, devotion, friendship, surrender and morality perfectly.

In the story of Mahabharata, Krishna was Arjuna’s charioteer. And when the time came Krishna uttered gyana in the form of “Geeta” which shed light on understanding the importance of “dharma”and spiritual growth. Spiritually, this denotes that when we make Guru our charioteer for life and surrender ourselves to Him to show us the right path, our liberation is guaranteed.

Krishna displayed unconditional love through his relationship with Radha. They weren’t physically together but were emotionally connected. Her emotional connection with Krishna made her most special. According to gyana, we are made of consciousness and this creation was created out of emotions. When Radha connected with the emotions of the creator himself then Krishna had no choice but to remain emotionally bonded with her. In the context of Guru- shishya relationship this goes on to prove, that when one is emotionally bonded with Guru then the physical distance makes no difference. As Guru is beyond time and space, hence no matter where he is bodily he is actually with the one who is connected to him.

Draupadi and Krishna demonstrated friendship in the truest sense. Once the bond was made, then Krishna was always there to comfort her. Be it in the court of Hastinapur, when she needed to be saved from being shamed or from Rishi Durvasa’s curse during their exile, Krishna always stood by her. Similarly, when we befriend and apply the gyana bestowed by a Guru, it will always be with us to safeguard us from various unfavorable situations.

Being enlightened, neither did Krishna ever displayed its ego nor did he stay aloof. He promoted “evolving while involving”. While staying in his creation, he demonstrated how one must truly enjoy life yet remain untouched by ignorance. He enjoyed every relation and its shortcomings completely. Krishna teaches us that becoming spiritual is not about discarding his creation, instead embracing and accepting it is being truly evolved.

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