Janmashthmi is the festival celebrated to rejoice the birth of Lord Krishna. Commemorating this day as the birth of Krishna on Earth, is as good as cherishing the birth of Atma in this body. Krishna avatar is the ultimate example of how one should lead their lives in this world.

As a child, Krishna was annoyingly notorious yet harmless and extremely charming. Even as a kid, He fulfilled His mother Yashoda’s life and lived up to the role of son by trying to remind her of the purpose of the same life, by showing her the entire universe in His mouth. As a lover, He portrayed unconditional love with Radha. For them expectations or grief did not exist. The intensity of their love over shadowed every other emotion. As a friend, Krishna gave Sudama much more and way sooner than he had expected. He did not give Sudama according to Sudama’s expectations but according to His will. This teaches us to always deliver to enhance our potentialto give. In an opponent’s role before the battle of Mahabharata, Krishna tried to achieve a peace treaty between the involved sides, depicting one should never give up on the hope of harmony. He also illustrated that an opponent is not necessarily an enemy, by giving Duryodhana an equal chance to choose between the NarayaniSena and Himself. In the Krishna-Draupadi relationship, Krishna delineated that once entrusted with someone’s life, like Draupadi did, He surrendered Himself to her and her family’s well-being. Teaching us to surrender and enjoy the God or Guru surrendered to us. Krishna held no grudges even against Gandhari for cursing Him and His family’s awful death. He took it as a blessing in disguise and blessed Gandhari in return with His darshan.

Every action of Krishna was always out of joy and gyana and for giving joy and gyana. Krishna remained detached in every relation while staying completely involved. His positive attitude and finest behavior always reflected in His calmness, promptness and aptness. Krishna is even today identified with no expectations and complete acceptance, which kept his flow of love unhindered. All these qualities are that of the consciousness within, which can be experienced and lived when turned inwards.

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