We all want to make our lives better, but we just don’t know how. The most important steps are to acknowledge what we have and to Accept it. Accept everything that this life has given you. Our level of happiness within determines how accepting we are as a person. If we truly are accepting, then we are happy in every situation or else we still have to put in efforts to reach our goal of being happy.

When in an argument in a relationship, whether or not we think we are at fault we should just accept whatever the other person involved wants us to. Agree to everything being told, apologize and end the argument with a smile. This will save time, energy and retain the fondness of the relationship. When you are not at fault and are already doing what the other person is asking you to do, but he is just not able to acknowledge it, then you don’t have to put in any extra effort. Since you are already doing it. And it’s only a matter of time that the other person will come around and acknowledge your acceptance. And if you are at fault, then accepting it readily will only makeyou graceful.

Inadverse situations, the adversity is not the situation but our acceptance level. The moment we accept the situation it no more remains adverse. It becomes a learning process. Like they say, you either gain or learn, never lose. When we accept it, we are able to see beyond the situation, where it gets easy to get a solution. Letting it affect us will only trap us more in the situation, where we feel the helplessness drowning us. Accept it to overcome it.

Every person in our life exists to play a part he is meant to. Since we can’t control it or change it, we should acceptthem. When we accept the people whom we just perceived we could not tolerate, our behaviortowards them becomes better. Not accepting and cribbing will only consume our energy and make us bitter. Accepting it, will make us feel lighter. Also accepting them will surely reveal their good aspects that disliking them overlays. When we see a positive in others, it increases positivity in us.

The moment we accept we grow. Happiness can exist only in acceptance. Try and replay in your mind, that everything that you have accepted has made you happier. So, accept Acceptance to keep yourself happy.

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