Janmashthmi is the festival celebrated to rejoice the birth of Lord Krishna. Krishnais synonymous to Consciousness, which is the source of our being. Commemorating this day as the birth of Krishna on Earth, is as good as cherishing the birth of this soul in this body.

Once, Krishna and Uddhav were travelling together. They planned to halt in a village on the way. Krishna then ordered Uddhav to fetch some water to quench His thirst. Uddhav obliged and asked a brahmin living close by to help with the same. When the brahmin served water, Krishna immediately drank it and blessed the brahmin abundantly with prosperity and good health. Notbefore long on their journey, Krishna turned towards Uddhav again and asked him to fetch some more water. Uddhav followed the request and knocked on another door. This brahmin lived alone and announced that he had already used the water that he had brought in for the day. But at the same time was excited to serve Lord Krishna. He proposed Uddhav that, “I have a cow, will a glass of milk help instead?”. Uddhav agreed and they went to the cow. The brahmin payed his respects to the cow and pleaded, “Oh mother cow, it is not the time for you to yield me milk, but since Krishna is here kindly grant me some.” The brahmin was very dear to the cow and vice versa, so the cow obliged and gave some milk for Krishna. When Uddhav and brahmin appeared before Krishna, they offered the milk to Him. Krishna happily drank the milk. He then blessed the brahmin by saying, “May your cow die!”. Uddhav and brahmin stood all confused there. When they went a little ahead, Uddhav asked Krishna, “Krishna when you could bless the brahmin who served just water generously, then why wouldn’t you do the same with the other who served milk?”.

Krishna grinned and replied, “The brahmin who served me milk, had an intense desire to merge back in me. But his moh (conditioned love) for his cow, was the last hindrance in making it happen. And so, I blessed him with her death!”.

Only God or Guru know how to bless their devotees, with what, how much and when. When surrendered to one, it is appropriate to be content with whatever we have or whatever we get, as we wouldn’t know what is best for us, but Guru or God, the being of consciousness Krishna does.

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