Tips for Husband to make a successful marriage

Generally women bother for small and overlook big things. Husband shouldn’t overlook these small things. Satisfy small desires of wife.

Try to know what gestures makes her happy. Make them.

Allot some time exclusive for your wife and children.

Talk to your wife the subject in which she is also interested

Respect wife’s opinions/judgement, even though conflicting with yours

Do not make them feel insulted before others by lose talk

Husband to realize limited wife’s exposure to the world and adjust with her limitations

Appreciate her for her good looks, dress, food etc.

At times appreciate for her contribution in your life before your parents  

Husband to realize the motherhood in wife and give some margins for her motherly attitude even towards husband

Husband to realize biological changes occurring in the body of wife and not get provoked or provoke during those periods.

Tips for wife to make a successful marriage:

Wife not to challenge the status of husband

Unnecessarily do not presume anything and allow miscommunication. Talk out freely  

Respect your in-laws, husband likes it   

As far as possible don’t interfere in matters between your husband and his parents. Don’t criticize his siblings

Don’t feel insecure if your husband loves his parents and spends time with them

Husband should have interest in coming back home early. Create congenial atmosphere.

Don’t  shoot list of complaints on your husband the moment he is back home. Wait for opportune time. Talk to him all that which he likes.

Don’t treat your husband like a child and scold him. Realize the adult in him and the ego of a man.

See off your husband with a smile in the morning and receive him with a smile in the evening.

Give due respect to his physical relationship needs.

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