“Happiest person is not one who gets the best of everything in life but is one who makes the best of everything he gets”

Happiness is of two types. One is Conditioned Happiness and the other is Unconditioned Eternal Happiness. Conditioned happiness is based on situation. If the situation is favorable and congenial you feel happy or else you feel bad. When you are appreciated or you have financial gain or you buy a new house or you go on a holiday or children obey you or you have been bought a gift, all such favorable things make you happy. And when the situation is unfavorable such as job loss, friction with the spouse, ill health, insult, things not happening as expected you would feel sad.

In Unconditioned Eternal Happiness one is always in a state of happiness unbothered of profit or loss, good or bad situation, appreciated or blamed and busy at work place or on a holiday. In this state of unconditioned eternal happiness one’s focus is on the Inner Being. While focusing on the Inner Being one does not get affected by external happenings. Favorable and unfavorable situations are observed as mere situations without any analysis or judgement. One’s acceptance levels are so high that every situation is accepted as a gift from God and in every situation one feels positive. One sees profit after loss, sees a chance to relax in sickness and sees loss of job as opening for a new opportunity.

Through regular Meditation, knowledge of Inner Being and conscious effort to remain in an equilibrium state in all situations of life, one gets to establish himself in a state of unconditioned eternal happiness. One always feels light, energetic, lively and joyful in this state. Remaining established in this state, one attracts all the good vibes from cosmos. This state may automatically invoke one’s powers of higher consciousness such as intuition, clairvoyance, divination, foreknowledge, telepathy etc.

Let the goal of life be to establish in such a state of Unconditioned Eternal Happiness and live life happily thereafter!

– Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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