Seasonal plants and trees are those which grow, flower and bloom in a particular season only and during the other seasons they go through external and internal changes, start shedding and even become dry and barren at times. However, if we do not nourish, nurture and allow the seasonal plants to grow during their off season just because they don’t bear any flowers or because they look ugly then we would never witness and enjoy their blooming or flowering stage too.     

Similarly in life, when someone is going through a difficult or low phase of life, we shouldn’t discard, hate or criticize them but instead nourish them with more love and be more understanding, empathetic and caring than ever. And just like others, at times we too might be experiencing difficulties or going through an inactive phase of life – at such times we shouldn’t give up on ourselves or feel demotivated but become extra patient, accepting and understanding with ourselves and surrounding situations and look for the blessings hidden inside the adversities. If we are not able to bloom at a certain point of time it only means that God is preparing us to bloom in full swing in future. All we have to do is remember that we all are born with the potential to bloom and every moment of our life we are blooming – sometimes visibly, sometimes invisibly; sometimes externally and always internally.
Sadguru Rameshji
House of Enlightenment
Poorna Ananda

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