The dispeller of darkness, in the truest sense, a Guru delivers us from our ignorance to His bliss. He is the personification of Divinity. A true Guru makes us realize that all the sufferings are in the form of just thoughts and by merely shifting our focus on the positivity within, we can change the course of our lives.

Guru gives up all the attractions and aversions of the materialistic world to not just enlighten Himself, but to enlighten many more. He unbiasedly does every severe penance on behalf of all His disciples, much before physically meeting them, only to make their spiritual journeys effortless.

A worthy Guru, has it all accomplished. He is living the ultimate life, enjoying the bliss mode always. Yet, he chooses to appreciate, to love, to bear, to accept unconditionally, to multiply others’ bliss and to spread gyana, when He just does not need to. Meaning, the state that an enlightened person is in, one does not need anything more from this life. One is not materialistically inclined at all, as His bliss is way beyond anything materialistically possible. But, He chooses to give, and gives everyone so much, that everyone around is always blissful. All this, so that His disciples watch and learn what purity is about and how actions can cause joy to others. It is for His disciples to give joy and in return get even more joy.

If our goal is to dwell in that bliss and get enlightened, never hoard on the gyana or experience given by the Guru, but remain focused on the source of the same, which is Guru Himself. And when you find a Guru, bow down in humility to the wishes of Guru and surrender your ego at His feet, only to let the magic begin!

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