Guru Tattva – the Door to Moksha

Why are we asked to read scriptures or asked to sing bhajans or glorify a Guru?

It’s like, when we say, “You look beautiful!!” to someone, we unconsciously identify that beauty within us first and then communicate it to others as unless that beauty exists within us we cannot see it outside too. We identify with the categories of beauty already stored in our mind and fit that person in one of the set categories. That person becomes a medium for us to enjoy and feel our own beauty which is already present within us.

Similarly, when we are asked to read scriptures, Guru is asking us to read and understand those scripture or sing those stutis (glorifications, prayers) to feel those things which already exist within our own self. Those singing or praising are not limited to the physicality of a Guru or a God or scripture but is dedicated to the Guru Tattva which is present within us and in every atom of this universe. Guru Tattva is the Gyana aspect of everything around us. It is the core of our existence. The more we sing or dance or read, and remain in that feel, the more that Guru Tattva increases in us. Exactly how the more we get angry, anger increases in us. The scripture or stuti or bhajan is just a medium. And Guru Tattva is where we eventually seek to merge (Moksha).

It’s one of Guru’s innumerable ways of making the disciple like him by invoking Guru Tattva within him. Guru serves Himself as a medium to make us feel the divinity already existing in us. Each time we sing for a Guru that You are embodiment of Karuna, He awakens Karuna in us. When we mention His unending unconditional love, He awakens that love within us. The moment we are struck by His tolerance, He awakens patience in us. Everytime we see Him gracing us, He awakens our giving aspect within us. Eventually He makes sure, that we possess every characteristic which He has within Him. So is the Mahima of Guru!!!

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