Once, Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited Haridwar. There He saw some priests throwing water from the river in the sun’s direction. Surprised, He asked them what it was about and they told Him that they were offering water to their ancestors who are in the other world, in the region of the sun to quench their thirst. Upon hearing this, the Guru started doing the same but in the west direction, which was the opposite side of the rising sun.

On seeing this the priests asked Guru Nanak Dev ji, “What are you doing?”. He replied saying, “I am watering my fields which are around 400 miles to the west.” The priests then asked, “How is that possible?” The Guru quipped saying that, “If this water can reach your ancestors who aren’t even in this world anymore, then why can’t it reach my fields which are just 400 miles away?”.

There is ahuge secret of depth disclosed here, that practices that have formed as traditions over years, had spiritual logic behind them. Here what Guru Nanak Dev ji, meant to teach the priest was, his bhavana or emotions or vibes, was that which meant to reach his ancestors and not the water. So these practices were formed, for one to express one’s gratitude to their ancestors and feel their positivity in return.

Similarly, when we wish to help someone or think of someone’s wellbeing, the best way is to send positive vibes to that person. These feelings resonate and bounce back multiplied manifolds to us as well.

And the same goes for our negative feelings. When we feel strongly negative about a person or place or situation, we are asking the same, to multiply those vibes and send them back to affect us negatively. Hence, one should choose wisely the kind of feeling they want to be surrounded by and act accordingly. If one wants to be surrounded by bliss, one should focus on doing everything that helps people around him to remain blissful and he will surely be blessed with bliss abundantly in return.

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