Once there was a fox whose best friend was a crane. They often visited each other. One day, the fox invited the crane to dinner. He served soup ina flat dish as that is how he preferred it. The crane had a long beak and sohe could not take the soup. The fox licked the dish neat whilethe crane felt insulted.

A few days later, the crane invited the fox to dine with him. He servedboiled rice in a jug. As the neck of the jug was narrow the fox could eat nothing. The crane enjoyed the food very much. This made fox feel sorry for his behaviour.

Just like the fox and the crane, even we make this mistake of doing things our way. We think our job is done when we have exercised our virtue of giving. But if we really wish to give or do something for making someone happy, it has to be done their way and not our way. Had the fox been thoughtful of crane’s comfort, he himself would’ve opened his chance to have a better dinner at the crane’s. This also would’ve made their friendship stronger and would’ve motivated them to make each other happier each time they met.

Similarly, we should be thoughtful of how people around us like things. When we notice their likes and dislikes, it not only makes them happier but teaches us new things. This also educates us to notice people in our lives who are already taking an initiative in keeping us happy and be grateful to them. Our family, friends, colleagues, staff, that take even that one tiny little step so that we are most comfortable should be valued.

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