One day, Sage Vyasa decide to write the great epic of Mahabharata. He approached Lord Ganesha to assist him in writing it. Ganesha accepted the honour of becoming his disciple with great humility. But he put forth one condition before he started to write. He said, “You will have to recite the tale without a pause and without a break. If you stop even once, I will stop writing.”

Vyasa accepted this condition on another condition. He said that, “Ganesha,my only condition is that you should understand everything before writing it down.” Ganesha readily agreed to this and they both sat down to create one of the greatest epics ever.

Vyasa started narrating his epic at a great speed and Ganesha wrote it down with an equally matching pace. As they progressed in writing the story, there came a point where the quill that Ganesha was using to write broke and he had no other quills with him at that moment. Ved Vyasa could not stop narrating the story since the condition was already set in stone for him. Without wasting any time, Ganesha quickly broke off one of his own tusks and fashioned it into a pen. He used this tusk to continue writing the epic without any further interruption and completed it.

Stories like these help us understand the relationship of Guru and shishya. When there is a Guru who wants to give all that he has ever known and felt, to a disciple who wants to know it and feel it like the Guru wants, only then epics like Mahabharata are created. It is not enough to think that we are a disciple of a Guru, but it is important to surrender to that Guru and do as he pleases. Like Sage Vyasa recited the whole epic without a break, so is a Guru continuously pouring his unconditional love and gyana on his disciple. Only when the disciple also continuously responds to this by accepting and letting this gyana flow will he become a true disciple like Ganesha.

The qualities of acceptance and surrenderness in Ganesha brought Vyasa to Ganesha. Likewise, if we accept Guru’s gyana and surrender to him, nothing can stop a Guru from coming to us. This story also teaches us that like Vyasa accepted Ganesha’s conditions, same way a Guru also accepts his disciples with all their conditions. His only condition in return being that the disciples become blissful like him.

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