Various forms of Gods and Goddesses represent the innumerable aspects of Shakti or the Dynamic aspectof this creation. They signify powers, which help in, generation, sustenance or destruction of this creation. Our prayers are meant to identify these powers within us to live a prosperous life.

Ganesha among these, stands for the power of Vighnaharta- theadversity averter. But for this power to work, the required tools are: Belief, Devotion and Surrender-ness.If spirituality and salvation is our goal, the foremost requirement is to believe in a higher power or Almighty or Guru or an energy or any form of God. Belief is the basic ingredient to evolve. Without belief, one wouldn’t know whom to surrender and without surrendering, none can experience the divine fusion of Self. So, believe in the existence of Self and devote all the time in acknowledging that divine Self within. For letting it operate through us, we would have to surrender our negatives to it and, adopt and practice its positive facets, especially becoming condition-less. This is how we should receive Ganeshji.

Among the 108 names of Gajanan, two of them are : Vighnakarta and Vighnaharta. Exactly how, Ganesha is known as the lord of Riddhi and Siddhi, he can use them for either creating havoc or to retain peace. In our context, so are we, equally equipped to entangle in this physical world or liberate spiritually. The form of Ganesha is just a medium to carry out the actual letting – go of our own negatives in our mind. A shloka in Gita says, “Man Eva ManushyanamKaranam Bandha Mokshyaho”, literally meaning: As the mind, so the man; bondage or liberation are in your own mind.Meaning, we ourselves are the creator of our problems, hence we ourselves have the potential to end them, by only shifting our perspective to a broader one. This is the way we should let him go, with our narrow mindedness and conditions.

Ganesha festival is celebrated for 10 days to adopt and apply these tools efficiently. He is the only lord, who is both, welcomed and immersed with equal joyz. This, as he appears to stir spirituality within us and while going, takes away all the ignorance along.

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