In Hinduism, dissimilar gods and goddesses are illustrated to help us see divinity in various forms of this beautiful creation. Ganesha, among these represents the fusion of a human and elephant form. Spiritually this could be understood as a possibility for humans to inculcate positive attributes depicted by this majestic mammal.

The idea of this festival is to invoke qualities withinus, which are associated with Ganesha. When we expand our usual consciousness to the level of a higher frequency, like that of a Lord Ganesha, the qualities matching of that frequency are automatically triggered within us. There are 108 ways in which He is addressed, teaching us that that there could be several perspectives to look at any situation or person and all are equally justified.

The oversized head of Ganesha denotes the ability to think big and have a broader perspective.All our suffering is dueto our narrow perspective or because of being judgmental. Prioritizing petty issues steal our sanity, but when we look at the bigger picture of things and accommodate all kinds of perspectives, we increase our acceptance level and establish in peace. The idol of Ganesha has sparkling small eyes that stand for concentration, meditation or Dhyana avastha, so that the focus is more on the Self within and less on what we see outwardly.

Gajanan’s enormous ears are paired with a teensy little mouth, teaching us to hear more and speak less. When we speak, we communicatethe limited information or gyana we possess, whereas in listening we increase the boundaries of our gyana. His extensive belly, insinuates His ability to store in all that is given to Him. This guides us to keep both, peoples’ criticism and appreciation to ourselves.

His mighty trunk, enables Him to sniff and distinguish between the favorable and the unfavorable from far distances. This suggests us to be cautiously farsighted in our actions which will help us in maintaining harmony in everyone’s lives. Ganpati’s vehicle, the mouse is identified as the embodiment of desires. And so, riding them would mean, to be able to live above our desires and, control and manage them rightly. Praying to Lord Ganesha is about surfacing these aspects in our nature, so that we flourish spiritually. When one will be able to practice these mindfully, one will experience that they have themselves become the adversity averter or Vighnaharta.

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