In the story of Ramayana, King Dasharatha was a very happy king. He had almost everything, a flourishing kingdom, beautiful and astute wives and a great army.But he did not have a child. This thought of being childless bothered him a lot. So, in the pursuit of being blessed with a child he planned to perform a great yajna. Making the yajna a medium, he hoped to ask for forgiveness for any of his past karmas in exchange for being blessed with an heir. As a result, he was endowed with the birth of Rama.

This incident directly points out the power of forgiveness. In the yajna, King Dasharatha asked for forgiveness from the Gods for all of his past karmas that had hurt anyone. This proves that our own past karmas hinder our happiness from entering our lives. Hence, if we want to be happy then we should practice asking forgiveness from our Gods or Gurus and all the souls in the world. The prayer should be directed towards everyone, as we don’t know in which form we might encounter the result of our misdeeds.

The practice of kshamayaachna or asking for forgiveness will also instill a strong awareness in us. This awareness will help us filter and rule out actions we do today, which can cause any sorrow in future. Once our past karmas are forgiven and we are trying to limit the future disturbing karmas, then all that we will be left with, will be our good karmas. And good karmas only result in good times.

The exercise of asking for forgiveness in a great deal helps us become humble. It also makes us realize that the quality of our present and future life is in our hands. If we want a better life for ourselves then asking forgiveness as a routine is a sure-shot for it.

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