Family is the base for our success, happiness and evolution.Even in worst of materialistic conditions a man can be genuinely happy when there is harmony in family. While we all put in efforts in maintaining this harmony, some points when practiced consciously can-do wonders with our relationships. They are:


Appreciation is a must rule in the family. While we love everyone in the family, we usually forget to express our liking towards them. When we appreciate we just don’t appreciate the actions of a person but we also appreciate the existence of the soul and his/her contribution in our life. Encouraging, accepting and giving family time area fewways of appreciating and can-domiracles in keeping the family together.

Specs of Gratitude:

Wearing the specs of gratitude would mean toremember each member’s positive aspects and their impact in our lives. When we start counting how each person has fulfilled our lives with love and comfort, we will overflow with gratitude. In gratitude mode we miss the chance of misunderstanding others. Anyone wearing specs of gratitude will always remain happy in the family and makes the family happy too.

Match your perception:

All the frictions and conflicts are majorly because of perception gap. Bridging this gap is like bridging the gap in happiness. We will have to match our perception to that of other family members’ to increase our happiness.For this, the younger generation should be made to feel that they are grown up and matured, and that they could play a major role in creating harmonious relationships among all the family members.If we match our perception and life goal with the perception and goal of family then not only all of us achieve our goals quickly but also live happily.


Just how a Joker card fits right into any place in a game of cards, we should also fit right into any role given by the family. This purely means, we should complement our family to complement the happiness.Whether it is a movie or dinner or an outing, let it be of their choice and finally derive joy out of their joy. Or become like the Joker of circus and always make everyone around smile. We should spoil them with so much love and happiness that they have no choice but to be in harmony.

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